“Dear Architecture,” is a single phase competition. Participation is open to architects, designers, writers, engineers, illustrators, students and creatives worldwide. Individual or group entries are permitted. Multiple entries per individual or team are permitted, but each submission must be registered and paid for separately. Proposals do not need to be generated exclusively for this competition, but they must address the intent of the competition and should not have been published elsewhere before. The official language of the competition is English. All proposals must be submitted in English.


LETTER: A short letter in 8.5″ x 11″ .doc format, between 400-500 words in length. The letter must be addressed to architecture, and start with “Dear Architecture”, the text must be in English. Please do not use any special text formatting.

ARTWORK: 1 image (9″ x 15″) (vertical format at 300 dpi in .jpg format) to be paired with your letter. The image can be a collage, map, plan, section, elevation, picture, diagram, 3d representation or any other graphic format. The image must contain one image only. Comic-book layouts are permissible, however we encourage entrants to make the text big enough for easy reading online. There are no special layout requirements.

TEAM INFO: Individual or Team participation data in 8.5″ x 11″ in .doc format. This must include the registration code supplied by Blank Space, the names of all participants with their profession, home address, phone number and email.

SUBMITTING FILES TO BLANK SPACE: Files must be e-mailed to Blank Space using a url supplied by WeTransfer. In order to create a wetransfer file link, go to wetransfer.com, click on the small icon at the bottom left corner to select “LINK” and then upload your files. WeTransfer will then give you a unique url. Copy the url, and e-mail it to: competitions@blankspaceproject.com

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submitting your entry.