Blank Space is rewriting the way architecture is communicated and unlocking the power of architecture through storytelling. Early on we recognized a split between architecture and the rest of the world by observing how architects only talk to each other, and we set out to change that. Every endeavor that we initiate takes fun very seriously and strives to be audacious enough to ignite imaginations. Through competitions and publications we focus on what matters most: inclusion, empowerment, and creating new opportunities for design to engage the public.

Our competitions attract thousands of architects, designers, and design-fans from around the world. We are hosting the Driverless Future Challenge with the City of New York, and the Fairy Tales competition, which has grown to be the largest annual architecture competition in the world.

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Each competition expands far beyond the entry deadline, in the form of unique publications that combine the most thought-provoking entries. The third volume combines 25 beautifully illustrated architectural fairy tales together.

Fairy Tales Vol. 3 Available Now

An eclectic group of design enthusiasts from different backgrounds is what makes Blank Space unique. We value communication as much as aesthetics, and we strive to combine the two in meaningful, innovative ways.

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